Automatic Driving Lessons Eastbourne and nearby areas

automatic driving lessons Eastbourne

Right Way Driving School are providers of automatic driving lessons in Eastbourne and around the surrounding areas in Sussex. Automatic cars are fun and easy to drive. Here with our professional team of automatic driving instructors you can enjoy training with easy to follow patient sessions.

Learners can train in various flexible ways here. You can learn to drive in an automatic car with properly organised training which covers the Highway Code essentials and well as routines for passing the practical car test. Some people choose to make progress at their own pace on a week by week basis and others prefer taking an automatic intensive driving course. Whichever way you choose, you can experience motoring along the right way with quality, affordable and sensibly price services.

why take automatic car tuition

These cars are easier to drive and this is simply because the automatic transmission system will automatically select the most suitable gear for the traveling speed and load applied on the vehicle. In addition to this, you can motor along smoothly without stalling and with easy uphill starts.

Many learner driver choose to take automatic car driving lessons in Eastbourne for a variety of different reasons. Some people feel the automatic tuition is better suited to them and others are looking for a faster safe solution for getting a full driver licence. The most common reason are people who have experienced difficulties with grasping the gear and clutch skills required with manual car training. Whatever your reasons, we have the experience to help you on your way to passing both the theory and practical test by taking structured driving lessons in an automatic car.

Automatic are very simple to operate. Instead of having a gear lever, you’ll just have a selector with the positions explained below.

  • P – Park
  • R – Reverse
  • D – Drive
  • N – Neutral
  • 1 – First Gear
  • 2 – Second Gear

Because you’ll have no clutch to control, just an accelerator and footbrake both of the pedals are usually controlled with the your right foot only. Learners also find that they have more time to deal with driving matters as well as having more time with both hands on the steering wheel in traffic.

Taking The Automatic car Practical Driving Test

People who are successful with passing the driving test using an automatic car will only be fully licensed to drive vehicles with automatic transmission. If you pass a manual car test you are allowed to drive both.

Nowadays, you’ll find there are so many different makes and models of automatic vehicles to choose from. Whether you are looking for a petrol, diesel, large or small car there are plenty of good solutions around at affordable costs. Modern automatics are fuel efficient, reliable and very much fun to drive.

Here are some main benefits with learning auto:

  • Learn and pass faster with less overall costs.
  • No need to master the gears or balancing the clutch pedal.
  • No stalling of the car and moving off uphill is made very easy.
  • Fun and more relaxed tuition.
  • Effectively build confidence out on the road.

To get motoring along with structured automatic driving lessons in Eastbourne you can simply contact an instructor by calling us on 0800 076 9827 or alternatively send us an email.

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