Intensive Driving Courses Eastbourne

Driving Crash Courses with local instructors

Intensive Driving Lessons in Eastbourne for passing the test fast

Get motoring along with our faster passing intensive driving courses in Eastbourne, Sussex designed for those learner drivers looking for a quicker option for passing the test.

We have highly trained, skilled and dedicated Eastbourne driving school instructors who are specialists for intensive driving lessons and we would like to help you on your way to rapid safe success.

How long are intensive courses?

A typical course can last for between 1 and 6 week. This usually depends upon your experience, ability and test waiting times in your area. You can choose to take any of our structured courses either with a manual car, or with automatic car driving lessons. We training learner on an individual basis and use the very latest resources, information and techniques to help you to pass the driving test first time.

We deliver intensive car lessons using positive effective techniques which are tailored to each individual. Your lessons follow the rules of the road as stated in the Highway Code and aims to set a solid foundation for a good safe motoring future.

Around Eastbourne our these driving crash courses are a very popular choice. People who need a quick passing solution for working, social reasons or just getting around with more independence find our intensives an ideal affordable option which saves time.

Book an intensive driving course assessment

Before starting a driving crash course we offer a recommended assessment drive which will be provided by one of our specialist instructors, the person who will be conducting your driver training.

This assessment is simply so your trainer can plan your lessons and assess how you respond to the fast pace intensive tuition style. Based on your performance we can let you know approximately how much training you’ll need. People have different needs when learning to drive and with an intensive course proper planning is usually key for success.

Because intensives are short in timescale, we normally require that you have already passed the driving theory test and also we recommend that pupil have have some previous practical driving skills at least to a very basic level.