Regain Skills with Refresher Driving Lessons

A course of refresher driving lessons in Eastbourne can really help to improve your road skills and driver awareness. We deliver structured training which can keep you well up to date with the Highway Code as well as enhancing your practical car handing skills and more.

Refresher driving courses can be particularly beneficial for qualified motorists who already have a full drivers licence but require some kind of further driver improvement.

There are may reasons why driver ask our team for refresher training. The most common request is for drivers who haven’t been behind the wheel in a very long while since successfully passing the test. In many of the cases just a few hours of well organised car training can bring you up to speed with the Highway Code rules of the road and with the modern traffic situations.

If you are nervous about setting out on the roads maybe at a certain time, or on particular types of road we can help to build your confidence, awareness and safety in a positive way. We simply do this by listening to your needs and a patient instructor can provide effective easy to follow techniques to achieve your goals. We are able to deal with any issues which you feel need attention alongside making sure that your overall driving skills are to a good safe standard.

Improve Driving with a Short Refresher Course

Drivers can also save money just by developing a better car driving technique. An instructor can show you how to reduce the wear and tear applied on the car which in turn returns better fuel economy and very often lower car repair and servicing costs.

How many lessons you need will often depend on your request and current level of ability. However, once you are safely confident about driving there will be no pressure by us to continue with driver training. If at a later date you feel that you could benefit from having a further top-up we will be glad to help you in any way we can.